Thoughts on ‘Blade Runner’ (1982)

In a future dark and depressing Los Angeles, former cop Rick Deckard is a “blade runner”. These blade runners have one assignment, to terminate “replicants”, advanced androids that looks like real humans. Deckard’s one last assignment is to terminate a group of replicants that commit a bloody mutiny in an off-world colony and now hid in the city. While locating the replicants, Deckard met Rachel, an advanced replicant, and made him question his own identity and motives on this dark world.

Rewatch: Source Code (2011)

Army Captain Colter finds himself disoriented in the train and eight minutes later the train exploded. It tuned out that Colter just relieved the last minutes of a train explosion victim and he is on a mission under the supervision of an agency to find out who caused the explosion. He then repeats the process until the mission is complete. Will he complete his mission in time when every minute counts?

Rewatch: The Butterfly Effect (2004)

Evan Treborn, a college student, discovered he can time travel when he reads entries from his journals around the time when he had blackouts during childhood. But when he do small changes during his time travel, it cause a massive change on his present, for the better or worse. Each massive change also damages his brain that might prevent him from traveling further. Can he make his life or those around him for the better?

Thoughts on ‘Kong: Skull Island’ (2017)

After the Vietnam War in a remote South Pacific island, a team of explorers attempted to discover the island’s geology by dropping bombs. Their exploration was halted by the island’s resident, a giant ape named Kong. Is Kong a menace to the world to be stopped at all cost? Is this just the beginning? Thoughts:…

Thoughts on ‘Logan’ (2017)

Logan, a member of the X-Men, is a limousine driver earning money to support himself and the ailing nonagenarian Professor Charles Xavier. In a world where mutants seems to be extinct, Logan now has diminished healing ability and the adamantium in his body is slowly poisoning him. He met a woman and a little girl…

Thoughts on ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ (2016)

It was the early years of the conflict between the evil Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. The Empire captured Galen Erso, a scientist, when his wife was killed while his little daughter, Jyn Erso, escaped. Little girl Jyn was then rescued by her father’s friend Saw Gerrera. After many years, adult Jyn was contacted…

Movie Review | Moana (2016)

In an island in ancient Polynesia, Moana, the daughter of the village chief, longs to be out in the ocean but her father forbids it. When an environmental catastrophe reached the island, Moana embarks on an adventure to seek the help of the demigod Maui and save the island. Facing adversaries and impossible odds, will…