2013 reading goals

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Over at Goodreads I gave myself another reading challenge. Last year, I challenged myself to read 12 books but read 20 instead. This year I am raising it to 25. I think that is manageable. I am planning to read at least 2 books a month with 1 “thick” book that I might not finish in a month.

Why such a low number as compared to other readers? I am a “slow” reader. I usually read for pleasure. For that my reading speed is almost equal to my speaking speed.

Over at Meann’s blog (The Girl Who Reads and Other Stories), she asked for specific reading goals. (By the way, she is currently running a book give-away.) Here is mine:

For the rest, any book from my TBR list. Most of it I bought from The Kindle Daily Deal (for e-books) or Booksale (for paperbacks).

4 thoughts on “2013 reading goals

  1. Ooh! I want to read “Into Darkness” as well. I enjoyed Foster's novelization of the first movie. 🙂

    For the Filipino books, may I suggest these:

    1. Naermyth by Karen Francisco — Is a dystopian fantasy full-length novel with a very interesting premise.

    2. Lower Myths by Eliza Victoria — contains 2 novellas which are FUN to read.

    3. Alternative Alamat edited by Paolo Chikiamco — is an awesome anthology that puts a different spin on local stories. There are a lot of wonderful stories here; highly recommended. 🙂


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