Book Review | Heroes: Saving Charlie

Heroes: Saving Charlie: A Novel
Written by Aury Wallington; Story by Jeph Loeb; based on the series Heroes created by Tim Kring

I waited this book to be released in the Philippines for a long time. I am always checking out the bookstores since January and when I saw this last February, I immediately bought it, set aside all other books that I am reading and started reading this.

The book is based on the hit television series, Heroes, with a central story revolving around the characters Hiro Nakamura, a time traveler, and Charlie Andrews, a waitress whom our main character is infatuated but destined to be killed by the “Brain Man”. In the Heroes – Season One episode “Seven Minutes to Midnight“, Hiro told his best friend, that he wants to prevent Charlie’s death by travelling to the past — one day before the incident — but he missed by six months! After the episode “Six Months Ago“, we saw that Hiro failed on his mission with the look of desperation.

The story of Hiro and Charlie in those six months is chronicled on this book. We see how the romance between them blossomed and the relationship of Hiro and his father Kaito via Hiro’s flashbacks. This is definitely not your ordinary science fiction book, it is a romance novel.

After reading the novel, it is below what I am expected from a science fiction novel or even a romance novel. As a science fiction novel, I was hoping that effect of time travel is explored at least on the Heroes universe. The explanations through examples from manga, American comics, and movies fell flat for me. As a romance novel with the male as a point-of-view character, the novel fell flat too. (Sorry, my exposure on romance novels is from Nicholas Sparks novels and I am spoiled by his male characters.) The deep emotions felt by Hiro (claiming that he is in-love with Charlie) did not come across the page although I felt his excitement and over-all infatuation. As a media tie-in book, my only problem is the last part. All the Hiro-Charlie scenes in the episode “Six Months Ago” was reworked to fit the novel but those reworking made sense and I would like to thank the author for that although I am not recommending this book for the continuity buffs. The ending fell flat, as some events was just mentioned and it should have been told.

Overall, this book is recommended for Hiro/Charlie shippers like me. But for the serious Heroes fans, read the Heroes, Volume One graphic novel instead.

Rating: 2 1/2 stars out of 5

One thought on “Book Review | Heroes: Saving Charlie

  1. that was really a nice book.. i even got it from the US, through a friend who was coming home after the holidays (the book was released Dec. 26, 2007). finished the book in 1.5 days. hehe.. by the way, in what bookstore did you buy this? i’m thinking of giving it as a gift. thanks!


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